Sunday, February 1, 2015

Today's List of Plausible (Yet Questionable) Indie Band Names

But first... some words of wisdom from Wayne's World's Garth:

Too true, Garth. Too true.

By the way, if you steal one of these band names for your band, I want some form of compensation. Like, at least a hat or a t-shirt.

Today's List:

Take As Directed
Lingerie Parade
The Soap Suds
The Metaphysicians
Go Ahead, Make My Sandwhich
Robinson Crusoe
The Minimalists
Dying in Vegas
Blue Eyes
Samson's Son
Requiem for a (wet) Dream
Leopold & the Nite Owls

***DISCLAIMER: I haven't checked if any of these bands might actually exist.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!


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