Wednesday, January 28, 2015

EXTRA! REVIVING BLOG! Today's list of questionable Indie band names.

Hello, travelers of cyberspace and good people of the Digital Age.

I have decided to revive this blog seven years since its inception in the original spirit in which it was first created. Expect book and film reviews, humor, cultural commentary, and maybe a little creative writing thrown in the mix.

For my inaugural blog post, a list of potential, though perhaps questionable names for new Indie bands. Maybe ones that never quite made it? Or might they be household names by 2016,,.?

Potential Indie Band Names

Jose Conseco
Band of Cows
The Gospel According to Christopher Walken
There is no Sequel.
No Redeeming Qualities
Al Gore and the Internet
Archival Tendencies
Beethoven's Fro
Southern Cheese Revival
Permanent Hardon
Silent Fixation
Sensitive Thugs
The Inventors of Sound
Accounts Payable
Loretta's Sweater

For the low down on this blog's true purpose, please read the following post I revised today from an original 2007 entry entitled "Starting from Scratch, and a Non Sequitur":

The non sequitur, of course, is the title I have chosen. The "Blues Star Wedding Cafe" sounded something like the title of a Tom Wolfe novel and also expressed the spirit of the online space that I'm trying to infuse with life (if only as a great and maniacal experiment a la Frankenstein or The Fly).

I'm inaugurating this new blog which I hope will serve as my own mental clearing house. The only rule for selecting topics on this blog will be "eclecticism above all". Expect book reviews, movies reviews, humor, maybe some creative writing, and hopefully an open space in which dialogue about contemporary culture can take place.

Hope you enjoy it; feel free to participate in the discussion if a topic interests you or you have something new to bring to the table here. COMMENTS and INSIGHTS WELCOME!

Until then,

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