Friday, February 13, 2015

How Many Millennials Does It Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

1. one to Tweet about it.

2. one to re-Tweet it.

3. one to photograph it for Instagram and edit the photo to give it "cool lighting".

4. one to share it with all their Facebook friends (close friends, acquaintances, and strangers), so that everyone can know they are currently screwing in a light bulb and exactly in which trendy part of town they are doing it.

5. one to upload a Youtube video of the process.

6. four hundred people to comment on the Youtube video, while actually spitting vitriol at one another and arguing about other totally unrelated topics.

7. twenty people to "heart" the Instagram photo in a cloying love-fest.

8. one to develop an app that rates your "light-bulb-screwing-in ability" and markets in-app purchases to you of "virtual light bulbs".

9. one to get a clever picture of their friend messing up while screwing it in and make it into a meme that attracts 4,000 viewers, most of whom leave stupid comments not worth reading that many people will read anyway.

10. ONE to physically screw in the light bulb.

11. another one to congratulate him or her for accomplishing it without resorting to Wikihow or Yahoo Answers.

TOTAL: 4,429 Millennials to screw in a light bulb.

~Trevor Swett

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